Spend more time doing the things you love.

Whether you are trying to plan meals for the week, or simply grab something for lunch, Mealsdotkom is the no subscription required, culture-inspired, ready-to-eat, meal prep service you've been looking for. Our food is designed to support a healthy lifestyle. Meticulously prepared by our passionate culinary team, our food arrives fresh, nutritious, and bursting with flavor.  Convenient and ready to eat in minutes, our menu changes monthly and arrives fresh, not frozen, every Sunday right to your doorstep. Spend more time with the family, at work and enjoy living a healthy, active lifestyle. 

We proudly serve LA, OC, & IE area here in beautiful California (some restrictions may apply).

Step 1: Order Now

Start by customizing your own meal packs from our culture-inspired menu or select one of our preset meal packs. Order must reach a minimum of $55. 

Step 2: Pick up or Delivery

Your meals will be ready either Sunday or Monday depending on Delivery or Pick Up. Please view our pick up and delivery schedule. 

Step 3: Meal Storage

Meals are ready-to-eat, fresh, and never frozen. Store in the coldest parts of your refrigerator to keep your meals fresh throughout the week. 

Step 4: Smile & Let's Eat.

Smile because your fridge is stocked with nutrient-dense and flavor-packed meal preps. Ready to eat in the microwave in 2 mins or heat on the stove. 

The Meal Prep Experience.

Cultural Inspired Recipes 

We believe that adding culture-inspired flavors will play a huge part in helping you build a happier, healthier, and sustainable lifestyle. We want you to experience different flavors from diverse food cultures, all the while enjoying a balanced and nutritious meal. Oh, and we rotate our menu every month so you can try new flavors/recipes and not get bored with the same thing every day. 

Premium, Nutrient-Dense Meal Prep

We only use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to prepare your weekly meals. Each standard meal comes portioned with 5 oz proteins, 3.5 oz carbs, and vegetables. We promise to deliver a well-balanced meal that will fit your lifestyle and nutrition program. We offer a variety of low carb keto-friendly meals, high protein meat options, and hearty nutritious breakfast options that give you the option to customize your meals to your liking.

Following A Nutrition Plan?

If you are limited to a specific macronutrient count on a daily basis or simply order for a healthy family dinner, we also offer bulk ordering by the pound, which allows you to order our protein and side options in bulk and gives you the freedom to prep the rest of your meals based on your lifestyle. 

No Subscription Necessary. Ever.

We understand the difficulty of canceling a subscription. We created Mealsdotkom Meal Prep to allow you the freedom to order when you want. We're here to make your life easy. 

& If you are interested in subscribing to a weekly meal pack, email us at measldotkom@gmail.com to find out how we can set you up! 

Let's jumpstart the week and make healthy eating convenient for you and your family.